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Taking Calculated Risks

The Art in Data

It can be hard to find the right marketing professional to add to your team. For your convenience, I’ve highlighted some of my highest-converting case studies. Browse through them to get a better understanding of what working with me looks like and what I can accomplish for your company or brand. Contact me to find out more.

Success: Case Studies

Bump It Up!

Financial Marketing 

Through A/B testing, the data showed that the image was more of a draw than the actual headline!

For a CD to invest in, we knew that we had to be vastly different from our competitors. But would our risk-taking in a shocking image pay off? Only a test would conclude if we were going in the right direction.

The marketing directive for 2019 was to have Millennial-first messaging for complicated bank products. The current trend in the of Winter 2018-2019 was new wave 80’s style and colors.

The personas of Millennial and Gen Z desire relevant content; what speaks to them and what is on-trend. At the time no other bank or credit union had messaging that was so colorful, vibrant, and targeted!

We put an email test out that had Group A with the image and headline that popped while the product description was secondary.  The results of the test showed that not only did the headline “Bump Up the Volume” have a hands-down, blown-away open rate of 30% (usual open rate: 20%), the heat map also indicated that the user clicked on the image to open into the link. This was amazing feedback from the data! The data from Group B was just sad. There was an open rate of 5%, and the heat map indicated a desire to unsubscribe.


When the campaign was launched, we were able to get ahead of our competitors at an amazing rate for a CD which created great growth for the first quarter of 2019.

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Financial Marketing 

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM), this is a complicated product to sell to all demographics. It is a common product that is sold year-round. There was not a lot of time or resources to create a new campaign that had the same message but different images. Here is what we did…

In the data, it showed that the younger members were showing interest in purchasing a home but did not understand the importance of refinancing. The Baby Boomers already have knowledge about the power of an ARM.

Our primary target was to gain a foothold in the Millennial market while simultaneously targeting the Boomers. In order to accomplish this, we knew from previous data that Boomers respond to the message and Millennials respond to the image.

With this data and knowledge, the image had to be a classic twist. Since Boomers respond to humor in messages, the headline had to be a play on words. Adjustable-Rate Mortgage (ARM) + the strong features of the product were perfect! We knew we needed to use an image that showed muscle or an arm of some sort.

Knowing that 1 out of 4 Millennials has a tattoo or body piercing, that feature could be present on said “arm” image.

Another feature of psychographics of this younger persona is the gravitation to the modernized retro look. Finding the image of the revamp of Rosie the Riveter was perfect to attract the Millennial trigger points and the Boomer trigger points!

The campaign fell into place and the conversions started to roll in! This campaign was launched in January of 2019 and has doubled in sales YOY for Millennial conversions.

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